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Zero Chemicals Means Environmentally Clean:

We've been cleaning and caring for your suits, dresses, uniforms, bed-linens, sleeping bags and other fabrics since 1977.

Technology has changed many times over the years and we've always striven to keep up with the newest and most environmentally responsible dry cleaning and laundry systems offered.

We are proud to showcase our newest chemical-free process that is entirely environmentally friendly.


We specialize in cleaning your precious and delicate favourites!

Our Services

Laundry Services:

If you prefer to have your garments or fabrics professionally laundered we can do that too.  Items are laundered and pressed then folded or available on hangers as you wish.

Cleaning Products:

We have a selection of cleaning products available in-store and for order.  These are products we recommend because we use them either in the shop or at home

Carpet Care:

We have a carpet steam-cleaner available for rent and all the supplies to go with it.

Wedding Dresses:

Protect your memories by getting your wedding dress cleaned, fitted and boxed by us.


Alterations & Tailoring:

Have a new or favourite item that you need hemmed, fixed or patched?  We have a professional seamstress that can take the required measurements and get that garment to fit perfectly for your special event.

Please tell us of any spots or stains you have on your garments when you bring them in and if you've already tried to remove them. This will help us determine how best to remove them without damaging your garment.

  It's better to bring them to us first before trying to remove them or wash them yourself.

Professional Garment Cleaning:

Formerly called dry cleaning our process is now state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly.  It's safe for all your fabrics.


  • Is it more expensive to clean this way?

    It's less expensive for the environment and despite the costly new machines and larger location we have not increased our prices.

  • Why is your method better for the environment?

    We use only water based and biodegradable cleaning methods in our store.  Old methods used a highly toxic chemical called Tetrachlorethelyne that was not only harmful to the environment but also dangerous to humans and workers as well.

  • What types of clothes can I bring to you?

    You can bring any garment that can be either laundered or traditionally dry cleaned.  We can do just about everything except for leather, suede or fur which we can send out for you.

  • Can you dry clean my clothes?

    We no longer dry clean garments as it is no longer necessary to use that chemical process to clean fabrics thoroughly.  Even though we might still call it "dry cleaning" in reality it is professional cleaned with special machines that use only water and biodegradable solutions.

  • Can you clean items that have beadwork?

    Yes we can. We specialize in delicate items like garments with beadwork, sequins, stones, delicate silks, indian suits and sarees with heavy embroidery or other ethnic and traditional items.

  • Will my clothes shrink?

    No.  The process we use is not like your traditional washing machine at home.  It is highly specialized and adapted for all fabrics.

  • How long does it take to get my clothes back?

    If you bring your clothes in before noon we can usually do it by closing on the same day unless we are experiencing a high volume.  If it's a larger order or the items are heavily soiled or require spotting it may take a little longer.

  • Can you get the stain out of my favourite garment?

    If you haven't used any spot removers, chemicals, or put it through the wash already then chances are very good we can get it out.  You will need to tell us about the spot when you bring it in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My designer purse needs cleaning, can you do it?

    Yes!  Bring us your favourite purse for a thorough steam clean to make it look like new.

  • Can you clean my comforter? my drapes?

    We can do everything from sleeping bags, to down comforters, duvet covers, wool blankets, table cloths and drapes.

  • How can I get in touch with you?

    You can call us during business hours at 604-594-1273.  Please note if we are busy we might not be able to get to the phone right away.  please try again in a few minutes.

  • What days are you open?

    Our current hours are: Monday to Wednesday 8am to 6pm; Thursday & Friday 8am to 6:30pm; Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm.

About Us


We opened our first Dry Cleaning Store in 1977:

Our first store was located in North Surrey when we opened almost 4 decades ago.  Since then we've operated in 4 different locations with as many as 3 locations operating at once.  Our Sunshine Hills location quickly became our flagship location after opening in the early 1980's.

Now we concentrate only on our Sunshine Hills location.  We've lived in the community for 40 years and watched our children grow up here.  Many of our clients are also friends and we take pride in being a positive force here in our neighbourhood.

Recently we moved locations from the Delta to the Surrey side of 120th street to accomodate our newer machines and "chemical free" infrastructure.  We are extremely happy with the way everything is running and even happier to see that our loyal customers have followed us through the move!


Kanchan Sidhu & the Sunshine Hills Cleaners Staff

An Eco-Friendly Store:

 • Our machines no longer use harmful chemicals to get your clothes spotless.

• We use only biodegradable solutions for spotting and cleaning wherever possible.

• We will recycle your hangers and drycleaning bags -- Just bring them back to us!

• Our new store location is much more efficient for heating and cooling the machines and equipment.

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#130 6388 120th Street, Surrey BC.  Call us at 604-594-1273




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